Inclusive Design Works

Inclusive Design Works is a collaborative Google effort to educate creative technologists about inclusive design.

As the lead UX writer and content strategist on the team, my role was to communicate the value of inclusive design and help create interactive experiences that would inspire people to build more accessible products.

I joined the Inclusive Design Works team in 2019 as they were expanding the project from a design sprint exercise to an interactive web experience.

Originally conceived as a deck of playing cards, the project has evolved into an interactive web app scheduled to launch in Spring 2021.

Inclusive Design Works - Voice and tone (public)

Voice & Tone Guidelines

We conducted research and café studies to better understand our users, and to determine what kind of content would be most effective. I developed voice and tone guidelines to help us establish Inclusive Design Works as a trusted source to inspire designers and developers to build more accessible products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusive Design Works is an educational tool, so all of the content that we created is rooted in research. We used the FAQs on the site to introduce broad concepts around accessibility and inclusive design, and we linked to further reading and resources where people could learn more.